6925 4
3 lines RCI
Original author is Jadbrother and modified for 3 lines, 9,35,52, by gero on Jun.29 2016.
發布通知: I had a long pause...

Thanks to 'Jadbrother', she/he pointed out the bug.
I have just fixed it today.
Have fun.

Jul.11th 2019
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Hi, gero. My name is Jadbrother. I found that your script was used by a lot of people, and seemed to modify my script ( ).

My original script had a bug, so I published fixed version ( ) before, but unfortuately you looked using my original buggy script.

So I recommend that you fix your script. Please look at my fixed ord() function carefully.

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I think is a good work but why 9,35,52 ?
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gero gianfranco60
Sorry for TYPO, correct values are 9,26,52
+1 回覆
Thanks a lot, could you share script for DTOSC as well?
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