Center of Gravity BF 🚀

Thanks to HPotter for the code I based this strategy on.

Center of Gravity calculation is based here on a linear regression function using the least squares method.

We use this to calculate a channel consisting of 2 lines, green and red on the chart

This strategy employs a dynamic stop loss function that measures stop loss placement based on recent ATR.

How signals are generated:
  • Price closes above green line = Go Long
  • Price closes below red line = Go Short
  • Yellow dotted line = stop loss based on long entry
  • Orange dotted line = stop loss based on short entry

Green background = Go Long, put your stop loss at the yellow dotted line
Red background = Go Short, put your stop loss at the orange dotted line

NB: The stop losses printed on the chart are calculated from the point of entry on a trade, if you make a different entry to what is indicated, the corresponding stop loss will be different to what the indicator displays.
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