True Williams Alligator (SMMA)

The built-in implementation of the alligator is incorrect. It uses SMA with altered input parameters to approximate the true alligator indicator.

The alligator was created with a supercomputer to model the elliott wave - it's very apart from other MA techniques. The built-in approximation (and similar techniques) and the true alligator yield very different conclusions. Hence the need for this, a true and exact implementation of "The Mighty Alligator" (Bill Williams, Trading Chaos 1, New Trading Dimensions, Trading Chaos 2).

Note: First script submission. Didn't mean to use this chart. Ugly and messy. Oops.

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study("True Williams Alligator (SMMA)", overlay=true)
smma(src, length) =>
    smma = na(smma[1]) ? sma(src, length) : (smma[1] * (length - 1) + src) / length
jawLength = input(13, "Jaw Length")
teethLength = input(8, "Teeth Length")
lipsLength = input(5, "Lips Length")
jawOffset = input(8, "Jaw Offset")
teethOffset = input(5, "Teeth Offset")
lipsOffset = input(3, "Lips Offset")
jaw = smma(hl2, jawLength)
teeth = smma(hl2, teethLength)
lips = smma(hl2, lipsLength)
plot(jaw, "Jaw", blue, offset=jawOffset)
plot(teeth, "Teeth", red, offset=teethOffset)
plot(lips, "Lips", green, offset=lipsOffset)