[STRATEGY][RS]Spot/Binary Scalper V0

Request for: khizon01
Adapted from: http://www.binaryoptionsedge.com/topic/1...
從常用腳本中移除 新增至常用腳本
strategy(title='[STRATEGY][RS]Spot/Binary Scalper V0', shorttitle='IC', overlay=true, initial_capital=100000, currency=currency.USD)
//  ||  Adapted from:
//  ||      http://www.binaryoptionsedge.com/topic/1414-ta-spot-scalping-it-works-damn-good/?hl=singh

//  ||  Ichimoku cloud:
conversionPeriods = input(title='Conversion Periods:', type=integer, defval=7, minval=1),
basePeriods = 26//input(title='Base Periods', type=integer, defval=26, minval=1)
laggingSpan2Periods = 52//input(title='Lagging Span:', type=integer, defval=52, minval=1),
displacement = 26//input(title='Displacement:', type=integer, defval=26, minval=1)

f_donchian(_len) => avg(lowest(_len), highest(_len))

f_ichimoku_cloud(_conversion_periods, _base_periods, _lagging_span)=>
    _conversion_line = f_donchian(_conversion_periods)
    _base_line = f_donchian(_base_periods)
    _lead_line1 = avg(_conversion_line, _base_line)
    _lead_line2 = f_donchian(_lagging_span)
    [_conversion_line, _base_line, _lead_line1, _lead_line2]

[conversionLine, baseLine, leadLine1, leadLine2] = f_ichimoku_cloud(conversionPeriods, basePeriods, laggingSpan2Periods)

//ps0 = plot(title='A', series=leadLine1, color=green, linewidth=2)
//ps1 = plot(title='B', series=leadLine2, color=red, linewidth=2)
//fill(title='AB', plot1=ps0, plot2=ps1, color=blue, transp=80)
//plot(title='Base', series=baseLine, color=blue, linewidth=1, offset=displacement)
plot(title='Conversion', series=conversionLine, color=blue, linewidth=1)
//  ||----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||
//  ||  ADX
len = input(title="Length", type=integer, defval=14)
th = input(title="threshold", type=integer, defval=20)

TrueRange = max(max(high-low, abs(high-nz(close[1]))), abs(low-nz(close[1])))
DirectionalMovementPlus = high-nz(high[1]) > nz(low[1])-low ? max(high-nz(high[1]), 0): 0
DirectionalMovementMinus = nz(low[1])-low > high-nz(high[1]) ? max(nz(low[1])-low, 0): 0

SmoothedTrueRange = nz(SmoothedTrueRange[1]) - (nz(SmoothedTrueRange[1])/len) + TrueRange
SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus = nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus[1]) - (nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus[1])/len) + DirectionalMovementPlus
SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus = nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus[1]) - (nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus[1])/len) + DirectionalMovementMinus

DIPlus = SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus / SmoothedTrueRange * 100
DIMinus = SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus / SmoothedTrueRange * 100
DX = abs(DIPlus-DIMinus) / (DIPlus+DIMinus)*100
ADX = sma(DX, len)
//  ||----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||
//  ||  Trade session:
USE_TRADESESSION = input(title='Use Trading Session?', type=bool, defval=true)
trade_session = input(title='Trade Session:', type=string, defval='0400-1500', confirm=false)
istradingsession = not USE_TRADESESSION ? false : not na(time('1', trade_session))
//  ||----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------||
//  ||  Strategy:
trade_size = input(title='Trade Size:', type=integer, defval=10000)
stop_loss_in_ticks = input(title='Stop Loss in ticks:', type=integer, defval=150)
take_profit_in_ticks = input(title='Take Profit in ticks:', type=integer, defval=200)

buy_icloud_signal = open < conversionLine and close > conversionLine
buy_adx_signal = DIPlus > 20
buy_signal = istradingsession and buy_icloud_signal and buy_adx_signal

sel_icloud_signal = open > conversionLine and close < conversionLine
sel_adx_signal = DIMinus > 20
sel_signal = istradingsession and sel_icloud_signal and sel_adx_signal

strategy.order('buy', long=true, qty=trade_size, comment='buy', when=buy_signal)
strategy.order('sel', long=false, qty=trade_size, comment='sel', when=sel_signal)

strategy.exit('exit buy', from_entry='buy', profit=take_profit_in_ticks, loss=stop_loss_in_ticks)
strategy.exit('exit sel', from_entry='sel', profit=take_profit_in_ticks, loss=stop_loss_in_ticks)


Does this repaint? I shows pretty good results with a few futures contracts. It seems the stop is working too.
+10 回覆
phiherman ComebackKing
@ComebackKing, Did you got to test if this repaint? The strategy seems really intersting on crypto pairs...
ComebackKing phiherman

It's been a very long time since I looked at it. I don't think it repainted but it wasn't profitable with the markets that I trade. No indicator is honestly.
phiherman ComebackKing
@ComebackKing, oh ok. I am still learning and and I want to be careful but on crypto markets if this does not repaint it seems a nice strategy. I want to test it further but I need to put alerts. I did not have time to check and do it for now.
Happy trading anyway !
great scipt. Is it possible to use it in paper trading? How?
+3 回覆
Philokokus Philokokus
@Philokokus, It is not possible. No automated trading yet in TV.
+2 回覆
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