Strategy Multiple Orders + Statistics Template - Educational

Hello traders

It's been a while
We're back in a bear market so I have a bit more time to publish new Pine scripts for the TradingView community

Special thanks to @fikira for his Multiple Orders script (and to @carnagecain for allowing me to publish this script we worked together on

I got widely inspired by @fikira's script for that one

This script is for educational purposes only - I wanted to show how we can add multiple TPs /SL + a table with custom statistics

In this Strategy template, users can define multiple take-profit and multiple stop-loss levels.
Basically, we have 4 trades per trend and each trade has its own SL/TP


Stats are split per trade direction (Long, Short) and then consolidated

I put custom stats in that table such as:

- Probability of Win
- Probability of Loss
- Avg Profit/Loss per Trade
- APPT: (Probability of Win * Average Gross Profit) - (Probability of Loss * Average Loss)
- Number of times each TP/SL has been hit

I'm catching up with all recent pinescript features as we speak - more educational scripts template to come soon

Best Regards

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