Movable Stop + Trail + Alert

hello everybody !
this indicator helps you to get a better trading setting.
it's similar to the default draw tool from the trading view but the difference is you can add Trail stop and Alert .
It also helps to free accounts to set more than 1 Alarm !!!
Alert setting
just remember after you see set an alert if you change stop or entry, the alert will work with previous values/settings.
so you need to recreate an alert.
also don't change alert setting
indicator setting
How is it works ?
everything on :
you can see the information on the table
short sample :
everything on
simple short trade setting:
my goal is to upgrade this indicator with your ideas.
not financial advice !
please , share your ideas with me to improve the indicator
I would like to see what you think about this indicator <3
also if you have any ideas to create an indicator or strategy you can make contact with me .
have a great day.

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