Support/Resistance Zones x3

Support and Resistance Levels + Zones for 3 time frames, based on volume at fractal levels with Zones based on wick size which is a true reflection of a Zone when compared to other S/R Zone scripts which only use a thick line not based on anything.
Original script is thanks to synapticex I have just migrated to version 3, heavily modified it and added Support and Resistance Zones.
發布通知: Migrated to version 4
Modified S/R Zones so that it has option to show the true Zone or the Expanded Zone and not just the Expanded Zone as before
Added Daily and Weekly High Low Close Extensions
發布通知: Added Alerts and Monthly High Low Close Extensions
Removed Expanded Zones
發布通知: Added option to display S/R as Lines and Adjusted Thickness of Lines
Added more Alerts

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