Simple profitable trading strategy

This strategy has three components.

  • Philakones EMAs are a sequence of five fibonacci EMAs. They range from 55 candles (green) to 8 candles (red) in length. A strong trend or breakout is marked by the emas appearing in sequence of their length from 8 to 55 or vice versa. These EMAs are also used to signal an exit. Only two EMAs are used for exit signals - when the 13 EMA crosses over/under the 55 EMA .
  • RSI gives a bullish signal when 40 > rsi > 70. Exit signals are oversold (30) or overbought (70)
  • Stochastics give a bullish signal when stoch < 80 and an exit signal when > 95.

Results include 3 ticks of slippage and taker fees of .002. Provides a pretty smooth equity curve with a 73% win rate and beats buy and hold by than 10x (returns about 60x overall) since start of 2017.


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