Let's play a game!! Find your Christmas Tree and post it in the comments.

How to use the script?
  • Open any instrument which best describes the Christmas Tree (Preferably on hourly timeframe).
  • Apply X-Mas Tree script on the chart.
  • Enjoy the snowfall, changes in lightings and other animations. Animations only happen if the instrument is in trading session. So, stocks and indexes do not work on weekends and holidays. Use crypto as they are traded 24X7.
  • Unfortunately cannot post moving charts. But, snapshot of chart will do :)

Well, Please don't ask these questions for this script (Also thanks to @Bjorgum for contributing to this section) 😃
  • Can you please add alerts?
  • Does it repaint?
  • Can we use this for crypto/stock/forex bla bla?
  • Can you convert this to strategy?
  • How can I access this indicator?
  • Can you please give access or how much does it cost?
  • Can you make it available for MTF?
  • Indicator is broken. Getting so and so error message etc.

Wish you all MERRY X-MAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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