Aggregated Volume ETHBTC

Aggregates the ETH/BTC volume from multiple exchanges into a single indicator.

# Exchanges and Pairs

Included are only exchanges supported by TradingView:
* Binance
* Bitstamp
* Bittrex
* Coinbase
* Gemini
* Bitfinex
* Kraken
* Poloniex
* HitBTC

Excluded low volume exchanges (not in CMC Top):
* CEX . IO

Many other top exchanges are not included, because they are not supported by TradingView.

# Inputs

By default the spot exchanges are selected. You can select also the other margin trading and derivatives exchanges.

# Contribute

Feel free to share any ideas and issues you have.

# Open Source

The code is open source @ and uses the commonpine library
發布通知: Add Boolean input "Show only on ETH/BTC charts". If true (default value), the indicator can be added only on ETH/BTC charts. If false, the indicator can be added to any chart, e.g. ETHUSD, BTCUSD, which might be useful for multi chart volume analysis.
發布通知: docs(): add TV and source links




UPDATE: this script is NOT open source because I, although an author, do not have copyright of it and cannot license it. This script is exclusive property of TradingView. More info here: