Pivot Points + Day First Candle Breakout + VWAP + Supertrend

This indicator amalgamates several key indicators to provide a comprehensive analysis for trading decisions, including SuperTrend, Pivot Points, VWAP, along with the Day First Candle Breakout strategy.

Key Features:
Day First Candle Breakout: Identifies potential breakout opportunities based on the first candle of the trading day. It utilizes the high and low of the initial trading range to determine entry points.

Timeframe Selection: Allows users to select the timeframe for analyzing the first candle (e.g., 5, 15, or 60 minutes).

Previous Day and Week High/Low: Displays the high and low of the previous day and week to provide additional context for trading decisions and assess the strength of the trend.

Trend Strength Analysis: Indicates whether the current price is above or below the previous day's high or low, signaling a stronger bullish or bearish trend respectively.

SuperTrend Indicator: Visualizes the trend direction and potential reversal points based on the SuperTrend indicator. It helps traders to stay aligned with the prevailing trend and avoid premature exits.

Pivot Points: Presents key support and resistance levels derived from Pivot Points, assisting traders in identifying potential reversal or breakout zones.

VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price): Plots VWAP to provide insight into the average price traded over a given period, aiding in determining the fair value of the asset and potential buying/selling zones.

Trading Signals:
Buy Signal: Triggered when the price exceeds the high of the initial trading range after an upward price gap.

Sell Signal: Generated when the price falls below the low of the initial trading range after a downward price gap.

Caveats for Effective Trading:
Extended Trading Ranges: Adjusts support and resistance levels if the initial trading range extends beyond the defined timeframe.

Morning Noise Consideration: Exercises caution during volatile morning sessions to avoid false breakouts and whipsaws.

Pullbacks and Narrow Range Bars: Looks for opportunities during pullbacks or when the price forms narrow range bars to enter trades, reducing the risk of sudden reversals.

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