ADX Di+ Di- [Gu5]

Fill indicates Strong Trend

Cross indicates End of Trend


El relleno indica una fuerte tendencia cuando el Di supera "Level Trend"

El cruce de Di+ con Di- indica el fin de la tendencia

Cuando el valor del ADX es menor a "Level Range", estamos en Rango
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Change Alert, add label


Limpie un poco el código
Cambie las alertas, ahora son etiquetas dinámicas


If any of my indicators were useful, you can buy me a beer ;)
Si alguno de mis indicadores te fue útil, puedes comprarme una cerveza ;)

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gu5tavo71 Aakifah
@Aakifah, Thnks :)
Hi, i have a question for you hope you still using TV. Do you have any youtube cahnel where i can see how this works?
+33 回覆
Hello and good day, seems to be a fantastic ADX DI, just not so sure what the X is, ok end of trend but seems more like chop area? bc mostly it appears on sideways action...or if a trend change happened the next trend dont show.. can u give more explaination about this pls, thank u
+11 回覆
interesting. gonna try this out.
does this work in all timeframes with the default settings? doing intraday
+6 回覆
Thanks...but it repaints..can u fix??/
+4 回覆
gu5tavo71 btcaudi
@btcaudi, done
+4 回覆
It's possilbe to create an alert (eg. email alert) when ADX line changes color?

+3 回覆
gu5tavo71 bialy39
@bialy39, Done
+3 回覆
bialy39 gu5tavo71
@gu5tavo71, Thank you!