Pivot Reversal Strategy with Alerts - Ramesh

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發布通知: Some fine tuning done
發布通知: Added more filter to remove false signal.
發布通知: modified version
發布通知: removed adx filter, please see Pivot Reversal Strategy with ADX filter Alerts V2 by Ramesh indicator for applying adx filter.
發布通知: bug fixed




hello,tks for your good job. here i have a question to ask u. when the price cross the red line or green line with the same price and it will alert u every bar, so i want to alert me at the first bar with same price. can u show me the script? tks very much.
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m8 you got the short long signals little wrong there bud it should tell you short when you hit the top picot and should say long when hit bottom pivot then it would be good :)
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Does this repaint?
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rameshs80 WoodLandSprite

This does not repaint
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Thanks For Sharing . . .
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