No Active Bar

This is probably the only script on TradingView that's clinically proven to lower your blood pressure!***
This script in conjunction with some chart settings changes can completely hide the active candle, only showing historic candles, thus, reducing risk of cardiac arrest and or panic attack.

What to do:

0. Make sure you are using a candlestick chart or this script won't work properly

1. Right click the chart and select "Settings..."

2. Select "Symbol" under the "Chart Settings" menu

3. Disable every item EXCEPT for the "Body"

4. Click on the boxes next to "Body" to access the color picker then change both box's transparency settings down to 0
(the script only colors closed bars, so the active bar will be present just transparent)

5. Right click on the price scale on the far left or far right side of the screen and hover the mouse over "Labels". If any selections have a check mark next to them click them to disable them (especially the "Ask & Bid" price setting since it tracks current price)

That's it! Instead of wicks the High & Low prices are plotted above and below the candles using a step line. It looks a bit strange at first but you'll get used to it. Check out the indicator settings to change the color and style of the High & Low lines.

***The statement could prove true for some but is mostly complete bullshit

本著真正的TradingView精神,該腳本的作者將其開源發布,以便交易者可以理解和驗證它。為作者喝彩吧!您可以免費使用它,但在出版物中重複使用此代碼受網站規則的約束。 您可以收藏它以在圖表上使用。