Week & Day Boxes Projected forward; with day-of-week labels

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Projecting Week and Day boxes forward into the future, as an aide in framing the shape/profile of the coming week(s)/day(s).

////user inputs////
~toggle on/off daily and/or weekly boxes.
~input number of 2week blocks or number of 2day blocks to project forward.
~independently format colors and opacities of weekly and daily boxes.
~toggle on/off day-of-week labels (if you just want day labels, make opacity of day boxes&borders zero).

-I have limited the project-forward numbers to keep it neat. If you want to play around with them, edit UP the FIRST integer in lines 56, 58, 62, 64 (currently set to 11,10, 41, 40 respectively). And edit UP maxvals in lines 9 and 15.
-To change the height of weekly and/or daily boxes, tweak the SECOND integer in lines 56, 58, 62, 64.
-Written for ES (S&P); tested/working on FX and BTC too.
-Starts painting/Resets at the beginning of a new week (i.e. Sunday eve).
-Sunday is blended into Monday; day's are defined as finishing at 6pm (New York Time).
-Increased max weekly boxes to project forward.
-Changed max_boxes_count to 500.
-Added user input start time; default is toggled OFF. Toggle ON to start week/days at sunday midnight (or user input time) instead of sunday 6pm (NY time)
-corrected error in show day-of-week labels
-Added option to paint hourly boxes projected forward (up to 48hrs forward); anchored to the current day start
-added user input Timezone (default is New York)

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