Hurst Spectral Analysis SwamiChart

Having a hard time deciding which wavelength to use for a Hurst analysis? Try a handful at once! SwamiCharts by John Ehlers offers a comprehensive way to visualize an indicator used over a range of lookback periods. The Spectral Analysis SwamiChart shows the bullish or bearish state of a spectrum of bandpasses over a user-defined range of wavelengths. The trader simply selects a bandwidth, a base wavelength, and a step/multiple to see the Spectral Analysis SwamiChart. A vertical column of green or red tends to indicate a very bullish or bearish moment in time, meaning that all bandpasses in the analyzed spectrum are in a bullish or bearish orientation simultaneously.

🏆 Shoutout to DavidF at Sigma-L for all the helpful information, conversations together, & indicator feedback.
🏅Shoutout to @HPotter for the bandpass code, and shoutout to @TerryPascoe for sharing it with me

Made w/ ❤ by @BarefootJoey ✌💗📈

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