Buy/Sell Alert EMA with SuperFormula by zdmre

*** Use it at your own risk

This indicator has 3 indicators and gives a buy/sell signal depending on the EMA .

3 indicators:

It also shows the value on the candle as a warning in the Buy and Sell signals. This value is calculated with a special formula I have created.

On the other hand Bollinger Band and Ichimoku Cloud are also included to check the accuracy of the signals.

For this indicator, I recommend a minimum of 4 hours chart.
發布通知: v 2.0

-adding THEIL-SEN ESTIMATOR @tbiktag (Thanks my friend)
-changing default EMA values to 8-20
發布通知: Release Notes: v 3.0

-Adding Bitcoin Investor Tool: 2-Year MA Multiplier + 1-Year MA
-Adding Pi Cycle Top Indicator
發布通知: Release Notes: Release Notes: v 4.0

-Adding KAMA Indicator
-Adding Cup Indicator
發布通知: Max bar problem fixed.
Trailing Stop Loss improved.
"Show Buy/Sell Signals" added. Default value=true
"Show Calculation Values" added. Default value=false
發布通知: Improved RSI, Sell Point, Calc Value Label.
Added "Show TrailingSTOP Prices" label.
發布通知: Updated PineScript version 5
Added Pattern Trend Calculations (Fibonacci, RSI, DMI)
Added Flagging
Added ZigZag (HH-HL-LH-LL)
Added Tables
Added Advanced Patterns
and more
發布通知: Removed KAMA,
Removed Cup,
Removed Pattern Trend Calculations (Fibonacci, RSI, DMI)
Removed Tables,

Added Advanced Patterns
Added Cup and Handle.

Optimization and Visual improvements.
發布通知: Bug fixes.


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