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Today I'm releasing another one of my favorites: the Schaff Trend Cycle ( STC ). In 2008, Doug Schaff publically released the STC as an improvement on cycle oscillators and the MACD , hence its common nickname, "The better MACD ."
This oscillator is essentially a fusion of the benefits of trend and cycle indicators; the idea is to minimize their drawbacks, such as lags or false signals. The STC is mainly used to determine or confirm price direction and market reversals.

We calculate the STC as a double smoothed stochastic of the MACD , which outputs an oscillator that moves between 0 and 100.

How is it typically used?
In trending markets, we can expect the oscillator to move up if the market is in the accelerating uptrend and an accelerating downtrend are to push the oscillator down.
In sideways markets, the STC shows oversold when it reverses after falling below 25; overbought when the STC turns down from above 75.

How the Awesome STC+ is different:
  • This STC uses several complex equations and filters to improve accuracy and reduce lag.
  • My original STC wave.
  • Multiple extremely accurate Buy/Sell signals not found on a traditional STC indicator.
  • Ability to use 4 different background highlights and several buy/sell and confirmation signals.
  • Fully customizable (as always), ability to turn on or off any signals, change any of the colors to suit your needs.
  • Pre-filled Alerts.

Reversals and Continuations.

Chart should look like this:

Please see the "Author's Instructions" for access.


(UPRIGHT Trading)
Awesome STC+ v1.5
  • More signal, Same high accuracy.
  • Still includes my STC wave.

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