Regression Channel Alternative MTF

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This indicator displays 3 timeframes of parallel channel using linear regression calculation to assist manual drawing of chart patterns.
This indicator is not true Multi Timeframe (MTF) but considered as Alternative MTF which calculate 100 bars for Primary MTF, can be refer from provided line helper.
The timeframe scenarios are defined based on Position, Swing and Intraday Trader.

These timeframe scenarios are defined based on Harmonic Trading : Volume Three written by Scott M Carney.
By applying channel on each timeframe, MW or ABCD patterns can be easily identified manually.
This can also be applied on other chart patterns.

Scott M Carney, Harmonic Trading : Volume Three (Reaction vs. Reversal)

Higher / Distal : The (next) longer or larger comparative timeframe after primary pattern has been identified.
Primary / Clear : Timeframe that possess the clearest pattern structure.
Lower / Proximate : The (next) shorter timeframe after primary pattern has been identified.
Lowest : Check primary timeframe as main reference.

發布通知: Code overhaul. Now support replay. Remove unnecessary arrays and convert into variables.
發布通知: Change max_bars_back from 5000 to 1500.


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