Elder Impulse System

Quickly Identify Trends with the Elder Impulse Indicator.

Pretty much the same as
從收藏腳本中移除 新增至收藏腳本


Thanks Samuel Excellent post. Been waiting for this!
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Very nice thank you. I learnt something new today.
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Love this indicator! wondering if there was a way to set am alert every time bar changes to green from red or neutral?
Can you send me this latest and complete indicator? this is my gmail:
thank you very much
@pvcforex, I'm not sure what you mean. You can add this indicator to your charts by clicking the "Add to Favorite Scripts" button located on this page. I have not written any other versions of this indicator than what is available here.
Is there a video of how to do this on our chart?
Hi, thanks for the contribution!

I am using the code for the Elder Impulse system you created and found a minor mistake. When the histogram is below the zero line is taking the numbers higher than the previous one when in reality is lower because it is a negative number, so this is affecting the bar colors when the histogram bar keeps dropping below the zero line.
astraloverflow franciscojbritop
@franciscojbritop, thanks for letting me know. I'll take a look at it when I can.
franciscojbritop astraloverflow
@astraloverflow, I am sorry but it was mistake since I was using SMA's in the MACD when your code uses EMA, so this is the reason of the conflicting information. I just changed EMA's in MACD data of the chart and now everything is matching perfectly. Many thanks for your quick response and once more sorry for the mistake.
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What are the rules for stoploss and take profit in Elder"s Impulse system?
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