Blockchain Fundamentals: Electricity Cost of BTC [CR]

Blockchain Fundamentals: Electricity Cost of BTC

After a hiatus, now a return to publishing tools and scripts for the community. This is my first script in over and year, and I have a number more coming soon as well! (so Stay Tuned!)

This is a simple calculator to estimate the cost of Bitcoin miners to mine one bitcoin. It works on all timeframes (doesnt have to be on daily).

By entering the inputs of total TH's, kWh used, cost of electricity per kWh (in USD cents) we can generate the electricity cost.

But miners also have other costs of operation including HVAC, maintenance, rent, etc. In light of that we include a multiplier that accounts for these extra costs. First, type in what percent of your total operating costs come from the electricity. Then check the enable total cost plot option and you will also see total costs in addition to electricity costs.

Its a simple model and gives anyone curious a starting point for their own testing and research.

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