MACD 50x Leveraged Long Strategy Results with Real Equity

Hello there.
I was looking for a way to simulate leveraged transactions in Tradingview and this script came out.
You can examine the equity graph without looking at the strategy results.
Thus, the facts will come to light.
Strategy parameters:

Adding margin: Forbidden or not specified. (Add Margin : No)

  • Position size: (for each trade) 1%
  • Stop-Loss: (2%)
  • Long: macd crossover
  • Exit: macd crossunder

Or ofc touching the stop-Loss value as predicted.

Warning: This strategy simulation is for Long direction only.

發布通知: Correction in line 37:
98% of the average entry price is taken as the Stop-Loss value.
(2% below the average entry price)
發布通知: Net capital bug fixed.
發布通知: We forgot to add principal position size if we win.
The previous version was wrong.
Because he saw the starting position size as a loss.

I also designed the percentage profit calculation much simpler.
I will do this update when I have enough time.
發布通知: Apology!
I was skeptical after high success rates.
The old version was correct.
Change (Strategy.position_size) statement already adds prinsipal position size.
Update cancelled.

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