Auto Fib Zones

Auto Fib Zones is a extension of the ABC finder script that I released. It uses the pivot point system I developed in the ABC finder to identify major or significant trending moves in the market.
It will then draw the fibzones for the trend line. The fib zone will auto update for as long as the trend line continues (size will keep increasing).
The zones will continue to extend to the right along with price until it is tested. The start of the green teal zone is the 0.618 and fills to the 0.786 and the Blue zone is the 0.786 and fills to the trend start or 1 value of the fib.

You can adjust the Bars Back variable to require more or less candles to create/ validate a new trend. In the screen shot about it is set to 50 bars however I've seen good results on higher timeframes like 4h + with 15 bars as the setting.

This is basically ITC's Optimal Trade Entry concept at least that is what the original inspiration for modifying my base script was.

As always hope it helps. God bless


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