QuantNomad - Simple Custom Screener in PineScript

Quite often I need to run screeners with the custom condition, but unfortunately, in TradingView it's impossible.
I created an example script to show how you can create a simple custom screener in Pine Script on your own.
It's not very good, it requires some manual adjustments, it can be improved in some ways, but I think it might work for some tasks.
What do you think? Do you have a better way to implement custom screeners in TradingView?

To run your own conditions you need to implement them in:

customFunc() function and for every ticker you want to include in your search add 2 lines like these with newly defined variable:

s1 = security('BTCUSD', '1', customFunc())


scr_label := s1 ? scr_label + 'BTCUSD\n' : scr_label

I'm not sure that it will work well for more than a few dozen tickers.
But I hope it will be helpful for you.

And remember:
Past performance does not guarantee future results.
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Excuse me, what does the screener show? That a pair has done waht?
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ibaris kiero
@kiero, "I created an example script to show how you can create a simple custom screener in Pine Script on your own.". It is not that hard to read!
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Thx for the idea. I wrote more complex screener based on your script.
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@Tr0sT, post the code pls
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Tr0sT thiagofnsouza
@thiagofnsouza, what do you mean? my script is already open sourced
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sir i hava a strategy of which could get you more deep in this to make me this kind of indicator for me and might also could help you also
so can you help me in regarding to make this screener in pine script
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Created a version where you can create alerts:
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Seems to be only screening on the 1 minute timeframe, even thought my graph is on 1D or 1H timeframe. Is there a way to change the screener to lets say a daily timeframe or 1H ?
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QuantNomad johnjohntrades
@johnjohntrades, change resolution in security function
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