Trendline Pivots [QuantVue]

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Trendline Pivots

The Trend Line Pivot Indicator works by automatically drawing and recognizing downward trendlines originating from and connecting pivot highs or upward trendlines originating from and connecting pivot lows.

These trendlines serve as reference points of potential resistance and support within the market.

Once identified, the trend line will continue to be drawn and progress with price until one of two conditions is met: either the price closes(default setting) above or below the trend line, or the line reaches a user-defined maximum length.

If the price closes(default setting) above a down trend line or below an up trend line, an "x" is displayed, indicating the resistance or support has been broken. At the same time, the trend line transforms into a dashed format, enabling clear differentiation from active non-breached trend lines.

This indicator is fully customizable from line colors, pivot length, the number lines you wish to see on your chart and works on any time frame and any market.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

We hope you enjoy!

Added the ability to configure alerts on the trendline pivots.
Added QuantVue to indicator title
Added team name to script.
Added the option to toggle Log or Regular scale.

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