If you are interested in trading gaps in DAX , then DOW plotted in DAX's trading hours, will help you know whether the smoothed candle was a gap or not. Use a different script to plot yesterday's closing price. This will help you see the target for the gap close. Let me know if you find it helpful or not!


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study("DOW GAP")
higherRes = input("15", type=resolution) 
is_newbar(res) =>
    t = time(res)
    change(t) != 0 ? 1 : 0
o = security("US30", higherRes, open)
h = security("US30", higherRes, high)
l = security("US30", higherRes, low)
c = security("US30", higherRes, close) 
plotcandle(is_newbar(higherRes) ? o : na, h, l, c, color=c >= o ? lime : red)