Morphed Sine Wave


If you rescale a sine wave to the price you will need to correlate it with it in order to show good results, today i present a different method that does not involve correlation to "morph" a sine wave to the price in order to provide forecast's and highlight market periodic patterns.


length control the period of the sine wave , power control the "morphing" amount, if you see for example that the results are going nuts try to increase power, if the results are just the price and the delayed price try to decrease power.

power = 1

power = 100

Those settings might be different depending on which market you are in.

Various Uses

You can do a lot of things with this indicator, use filters as source :

Use the indicator as source for oscillators in order to create cycles indicators :

And certainly many more things


I presented a way to morph a sine wave to the price i order to highlight cycles. You can use any function that return a value between -1 and 1 instead of sin, this can be a scaled rsi / stochastic or correlation coefficient , its up to you :)

If you need help don't hesitate to commend or pm me. I hope you will like the indicator and that it will inspire you to make great things.

Thanks for reading !
發布通知: Support for floats in the power parameter, use floats for BTCUSD
發布通知: Fixing some errors
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second version from same script with bg trend colors added, all those are possible cause of people like u, may the Light be with u, thank you kind @alexgrover
alexgrover scamArtist
@scamArtist, From now on any one of my script who is reposted with changes such as : color/plot changes or alerts will be considered a copy pasta, i don't recommend you doing that.
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scamArtist alexgrover
wow @alexgrover, so much ego for nothing,do u think that those scripts are really "yours" as u pretend?! your sources u took your knowledge from belongs to the collective memory not to u, to share those ideas like u do is a great thing but those are not "yours", u can only own your choices not others free will, plus everyone has to start to learn from some point, not all are pro as u are, dont get me wrong u are great but this reply was such a dickhead statement no offence, thank you anyway, it seems that life it never stops surprising me :)
alexgrover scamArtist
@scamArtist, Interpret things as you wish but behave yourself, i like seeing changes made to my indicators, but not when its only about plots, however i'll support any creative changes made to them. So post it if you want i don't care, i'am just pointing out what i think about it, you chosen to be offended, it wasn't my intention.
scamArtist alexgrover
@alexgrover, i completly agree with u, except one small little thing...u apparently observed only the un-significant changes but forgot about the "angle", i didin;t felt offended at all, i just don;t like when other Light workers are insulting my intellect, i dont have no pb with the crowd :)
alexgrover scamArtist
@scamArtist, I don't insult the intellect of peoples, thats your misunderstanding, just follow the house rules and we'll be in good terms.
scamArtist alexgrover
@alexgrover, the only thing i serve is knowledge, the only rule i know is: learn, adapt, improve .... i do my best here with my modest skills and knowledge, i don;t have your background education or experience, was just pointed to u the fact that u only own your choice(and if u chose to leave those codes open source this is a natural thing that people to use your codes according to their own needs, not yours)...done, i've ended this conversation here cause it's becoming boring for me

wish u all the best...
& sorry for disturb

scamArtist alexgrover
@alexgrover, what if, for example let's say in some hypothetical scenario , the real creator of all those symbols, patterns, numbers, equation formulas, algos and anything that is possible considered as real information source would come to u to say....hey..."behave yourself, i like seeing changes made to my indicators, but not when its only about plots," , would that make u feel better about yourself? just sayin' ...ooh btw, seek akasha u will understand why (it's related to this context) cheers:)
scamArtist alexgrover
@alexgrover, and please don;t worry, u are not so important as u think u are :)
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