MTF Stochastic Zones w/ Candle and Swing Hi/Lo Indicators

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MTF Stochastic Zones w/ Candle and Swing Hi/Lo Indicators by // © KaizenTraderB

This indicator will display the Stochastic RSI as color zones utilizing 3 Timeframes of your choice as well as key reversal candles:
Entry Timeframe StochRSI Crossovers and Long Wick Reversal Candles ( Hammer and Hanging Man ) and Engulfing Candles
That correlate with Swing Highs and Lows.

When the higher timeframe is bullish it will be green and when bullish , red.
When the middle timeframe is counter the higher, it will appear brownish.

The entry timeframe will print Candle Labels and Swing Highs and Lows at bullish and bearish Stochastic RSI crossovers when oversold and overbought, respectively,
In the direction of the higher timeframe directional bias when the middle timeframe is counter that direction to catch reversals in corrections.
(It also prints Bull/Bear StochRSI Crossovers that correlated with Swing Highs and Lows that are not Hammers, Hanging Men or Engulfing Candles.)

The options allow you to turn the zones, swing highs and lows, candle indicators and entry StochRSI Crossovers on and off, as well as which Timeframes you choose to view.
Entry - 1Hr, 15m, 5m or 1m Middle Timeframe - Daily, 4Hr, 1Hr or 15m Higher Timeframe - Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4Hr or 1Hr

You can change the Swing High and Low Lookback periods, as well as
The Stochastic RSI Lookback for each of the three timeframes and the level of Overbought and Oversold:
When 8 is chosen for RSI Lookback, Stochastic Lookback = 5, SmoothK = 3, Smooth D = 3 For 13 - 8, 5, 5 For 21 - 13, 8, 8 For 34 - 21, 13, 13

Its good practice to adjust settings so Higher Timeframe zones (green/red) correlate with longer trend movements,
Medium Timeframe with corrections and reversal areas (brown) and Entry Timeframe with key reversal candles.

For example, to adjust the Daily Higher Timeframe, turn the Higher Timeframe to Daily, turn off the others and bring up the Daily Chart .
Look at chart for last 200 bars or so and go through the different settings until you find the one that best correlates with recent past price action.

Do the same procedure for the Middle and Entry Timeframe. Once all the settings are how you prefer, view the Indicator on the Entry Timeframe to find trades.

Coding included to prevent repainting

Can be used in conjunction with the MTF Stochastic RSI w/ Zones which is displayed in the lower panel.
Need the same settings in both indicators for them to correlate or use different settings for different views,

Message me with feedback to improve upon this indicator or requested additions.
I will soon be releasing a Strategy based on this indicator!
By request, added Alerts for the Hammer, Hanging Man, and Bear and Bullish Engulfing Candles, as well as Bull and Bear StochRSI Overbought and Oversold Crossovers.
They can be turned on and off in Settings
Version 3.0 - Altered Swing Highs and Lows to reduce lag and integrated it with the Candle Indicators. By request added Alerts. Also changed higher timeframe data retrieving coding to reduce repainting. Much cleaner and accurate indicator now.

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