QQE MOD + SSL Hybrid + Waddah Attar Explosion Indicator


This indicator is designed to complement my original QQE MOD + SSL Hybrid + Waddah Attar Explosion strategy.

Multiple users have requested that I convert the strategy to an indicator because alertconditions do not work on strategies and people want to specific set alerts for BUY, SELL, CLOSE BUY and CLOSE SELL. This can only be achieved using alertcondition().

This indicator functions in the exact same way as the strategy, but it doesn't have any backtesting functionality. I recomment that you use the original QQE MOD + SSL Hybrid + Waddah Attar Explosion strategy for parameter tuning and backtesting, then if you need more control on alerts you can use this indicator for that purpose.

Only other difference is that I have added grey exit labels on the chart since it's not obvious where the exits would happen like it was in the strategy version.

QQE MOD byMihkel00
SSL Hybrid by Mihkel00
Waddah Attar Explosion by shayankm


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