40+ Coin Screener (workaround to 40 Security Limit Per Script)

This is a far inferior method for a screener/scanner (compared to my first publication) but after looking at that script from a noobs eyes again, I could see how this form would be a lot easier to take in/understand so wanted to publish it. Everything that I could think of to mention about this is in my 1st pub so ill leave it to you to check it out...though I did include some comments in the script. It is pretty straight forward but if you have any questions don't hold them in. I'll answer them if I can. The only thing that is not in this one is setting up the alert feature so that you only have to create 1 alert per iteration of the script and it takes care of all of the coins for that iteration/set that is chosen in the settings (so please see previous script if would like to do this for your screener/scanner).

To be PERFECTLY CLEAR, the workaround is to the issue of not being able to scan but only 40 coins per script. You can scan more than 40 per script but only if you create "batches" or "sets" that the user can select within the settings which set to use for each iteration of the script on the chart. That being, you have to the script multiple times to the chart and merge them into 1 window and merge the scales (instructions in first publications). Here in this script I am scanning 72 different coins that are the Margin Coins on KUCOIN. I have split them up into 3 sets (24 coins per set). I could have made 2 sets but the script will be slower to load and to respond (like, when it comes to receiving alerts), thus I split them up the way I did. If you want to change any of this there are slightly more details in the previous script.

One great use-case that I LOVE about this particular version (and the way I use it) is right at the end of when I see a whole market dump/pump coming to an end and want to know which horse to bet on. Used to think whichever coin come out the fastest from the dump was the one to bet on but quickly learned that 1-2 (or even a few) hrs needs to go by first bc the ones that look the strongest in the beginning are NOT the ones to have performed the best when viewing the results 12 hrs later. IN FACT, many instances of using this exact script for reasons as such has taught me that the manipulators (I believe this to be the case as least) WANT everyone to bet on these that come out the gate the hardest and thus they make them move REALLY hard in the beginning then they QUICKLY become stagnant (moreso, they become WORSE than stagnant, they actually quickly retrace to put you into the negative so that you get out to get into the others now moving (to provide the market with more liquidity. They WANT you to get into a coin thats moving crazy hard so that they can then cease that movement once many fall for the trick just to then make that once strong looking coin now stagnant and make others move crazy hard. They wait for you to get out of the 1st and into the next set of movers just to do this time and time again bc hey, what are we sheep good for other than to provide the big guns with liquidity, am I right? Thats rhetorical, which you would know if you've ever had this happen to you (without a doubt MANY of you have). Let this script (above all other things) provide good evidence to back up this cynical way of viewing the markets to anyone that is questioning it.

This prolonged time between when the dump is over and when the ACTUAL movers REALLY start moving can actually be of great benefit to us sheep if used correctly, Firstly, it gives us some time to determine if when we thought was the bottom, ACTUALLY was the bottom. That bottom is easily determined if there are no (or very few) coins that went any lower than the point in time that the script began calculating on. Secondly, it allows us time to wait for the REAL movers and shakers to start moving and shaking.

One new feature that I LOVE that TV has implemented is the ability (once the script is added to the chart) to be able to click a point in time on the chart where you want the script to begin its calculations. If this point needs to be changed at any point in time then you can either go into the setting and input the time you wish or simply remove the script and add it again so that you are prompted to select another point in time. Ok, I think that everything I wanted to say. The next version that I will add will be probably my favorite and most used by yours truly...not to mention unique in a way that I have yet to see an implementation anything like it in all of TV's public library. Not to say its not there, but I have yet to come across it and I have DEFINITELY done my fair share of searching for it when I couldn't figure out how to code it for the longest time (though, I was and still am a noob so might get some great feedback on better ways to approach it, but we'll save that jabbering for the next of the publications.

I hope each and every one of ya'll (yes, Im from the South) have the GREATEST of Thanksgivings (if in the US that is...I graced my parents with the best gift anyone could have given them 35 years ago on Thanksgiving....MEEEE ;) So I will sure as hell be having a great holiday. Thanks for checking out my script...you can "like" and leave a comment if you so feel the urge to...or not. Im not doing this for me, but rather to stretch my arms out as far as possible to benefit the most people as possible and more people would see the script if it has more likes/comments/traffic pointing towards it...not to mention as other publishers have...it IS gratifying to see a few likes in my side window, which btw, I have MANY more variations and completely diff types of scanners/screeners Ill be publishing in the future and to know that they've become of use....I"VE become of use to the community is very....pleasing to me and does (as I've also seen many publishers mention as well) drive me to want to publish ones that I originally thought I would keep for myself. Peace out people.


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