Derivative Oscillator

This indicator was originally developed by Constance (Connie) M. Brown (Journal of Technical Analysis (Winter-Spring 1994, 45-61): "Derivative Oscillator: A New Approach to an Old Problem").
  • Converted to v4
  • Added signal line
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@everget Hi, huge thanks for this. A really underappreciated indicator, I use it for trading oil. Quick question, i've been trying to add a visible SMA signal line on top of the histogram. Which is the correct code i should use. Can't figure it out myself. Thanks again!
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everget alistaircanvin
@alistaircanvin, Sir, I will add SMA today. You will just need to reload
@everget, thank you that's great!
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everget alistaircanvin
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@everget, thanks!!
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