Price Heat Map

What does this chart show? Take the highest high and lowest low of 200 bars. Divide that into 20 chunks. The more time the price spends in one of those 1/20th pockets, the brighter it is lit up on the chart. Number of bars back can be modified to around 500. It starts to chug beyond that. Brightness level of heat map can be adjusted. 0.5 is default. 1 = brighter, 0 = dimmer. Use on any time frame. When price moves out of a hot zone, it can move very quickly. There's no trading strategy here, just something to help you visualize recent price action. The blue band shows the price at the center of the current "hottest" band. The yellow band is the ema (exponential moving average) of the price using the "bars back" input. --enjoy!

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