Indicator - ATR Profit Loss - DG

Hi Traders,

This is an on chart indicator that can be used for setting take profit and stop losses very easily using the Average True Range Indicator (ATR). Using a volatility adjusted TP and SL will allow you to set your targets and losses based on market conditions. In the settings, you are able to adjust how much of a multiplier you require depending on your risk tolerance and strategy. For those that follow the NNFX method, the defult settings are preset to 1xATR TP and 1.5xATR SL.

How to use:
- For longs, 'isLong' box must be ticked, for shorts, this box is unticked
- For longs, green line is TP, red line is SL
- For shorts, red line is TP, green line is SL

Dillon Grech


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