Alt Golden Ratio by USCG_Vet

Pine Script math based on the medium article by Philip Swift.

Idea based from Willy Woo Charts.

Disclaimer: None of this Pine Script, Title, nor Description should be used for Financial Advice. For Education Purposes Only.

Purpose: Identify a Golden Ratio Cross of the 350 Daily MA vs the 111 Daily MA with Multiplier to theorize where local valuation tops or bottoms could be approximated. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!

DMA A: short Daily Moving Average
DMA B: long Daily Moving Average
Golden Ratio: point where short Daily Moving Average crosses value assigned in parameter.

S2: Cross of DMA A vs DMA B in upward direction (approximate local top)
Sn: additional approximate top indicators
Sell1: first approximate local bottom
Selln: additional approximate local bottom indicators
GR: Golden-Ratio Cross of DMA A
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