The Box Percent Strat

Hi guys,

Version Zero (more work needed) of an idea I've been meaning to out into a strategy for a while. 🤯

This uses percent boxes🤔 instead of traditional indicators like RSI , MACD etc. 🤫

Takes the first close price of the series and creates a Top Band 10% up, buys if price reaches that level, and puts a stop on a Bot Band, 10% down
When the first trade is in profit by another 10%, it enters another trade and moves the stop of the first trade to breakeven ~ this way it only has one unit of risk at a time

/// Designed for LONG only on Daily, 2D or 3D Charts👌🏻
/// Uses fixed investment risk amount, meaning you're willing to lose that amount per trade
/// Limit buy to not overpay on entries

/// Idea Based on the Darvas system:
/// System only enters trades on strength, when prices equals of exceeds the green line
/// It ads onto the trades, but only *IF* the previous trade is in profit by the UpBoxSize percent size
/// The trailing stop loss is moved up, with the red line
/// A key idea is to only take one unit of risk at a time, meaning for a new add on trade to be taken, the previous trade should be in profit by the same box size as the new new trade's stop loss

/// This will keep adding trades again and again, and they will stop out at the same stop loss
/// Yellow Circles is an MA that filters out choppy areas -- this system only does really well on trending linear markets like: TQQQ , SSO , SPX , SPY
/// Base setting is 10% UpBox Size and 10% DnBox Size: 15% & 15% will be more accurate but fewer signals. 13% profit and 10% stop loss will give a higher risk to reward ratio




Interesting idea, why only long, though?
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