Effortless Scalping

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Effortless Scalping is an indicator that primarily is used for stock options trading.

Effortless Scalping is based off of momentum. Our script takes into account the price action, volume, and historical data points of a stock to give potential "buy" and "sell" areas.

Effortless Scalping is a protected script because its Buy and Sell signals are based off of custom coded confirmations. This is what makes our script unique. We also have custom coded CHOP Filters in the indicator.

Effortless Scalping has a custom EMA line that flows with the trend of the market. It also changes colors to indicate a bullish or bearish trend . It also will change into a yellow color if the CHOP of the market exceeds your allowance. This EMA line is the only "classic" element of our custom coded script.

You can easily use Effortless Scalping by applying it straight to your chart. You can customize several visual effects in the settings menu.

Effortless Scalping also has two types of signals--RISKY signals and normal signals. Risky signals have a higher risk, but also a higher reward.

Effortless Scalping also features take profit levels based off of ATR levels.

Effortless Scalping also has custom support and resistance lines to better help you analyze the movement of a stock. These levels are based off of pivot levels.

Effortless Scalping can not predict the future move of a stock. Our script uses historical data points to alert POTENTIAL entries. These historical data points by NO MEANS predict the future movement of the market.

Effortless Scalping was created to help me understand the movement of a stock and why it may be moving in that direction. I personally found success using this script. I am sharing it because I am hoping that others find success in this script as well. I also like to trade quite frequently, and several times a day, so I made an indicator that is both accurate and alerts frequently.

This indicator does NOT provide financial advice. It is intended for general use only.
Updated Chart Photo
Updated Inputs for Signals

Updated Chart Photo
Added Breakout/Breakdown Arrows on chart.
Fixed "Show Breakouts" Bug in the settings.

Fixed "Buy & Sell" Alert bug.

We Make Trading Effortless

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