Yesterdays VWAP Line

Draws a line today at yesterdays VWAP .
發布通知: added ability to change resolution to security ()
發布通知: Minor updates
發布通知: Cleaning up chart and more minor updates
  • added ability for user to set the vwap line to show only on intraday charts
  • some cleanup
發布通知: minor update to shorttitle
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thanks mate for this :)
Try this for lines 5 and 6. Will allow you to enter custom resolutions

higherTF = input("D")
prevVwapHTF = security(syminfo.tickerid, higherTF, vwap, lookahead=barmerge.lookahead_on)
@ETCBTC, I'm debugging an issue where vwap doesn't equal the vwap calculated using hlc3 for Apple.

Jan 14th,
- VWAP hlc3 at end of day was 314.80 - 314.75
- the value returned from security(...vwap...) is 313.14

A similar issue exists on Jan 15th. Does anyone know what would cause this calculation error in the security ().?
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