TMsignal - RSI Divergence V1.0

TMsignal - RSI Divergence V1.0: It automatically shows RSI Divergence, being much useful for detecting future changes in the tendency of the current stock, and weakness in the actual tendency.

Different timeframes can be set up to meet your needs.

We hope you like it! Contact us any question or improvement suggestions.
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Tio Mercado por Grupo Financiero Hazor S.A.S.


Hey there....Great Job...Nice simple
Look I was wondering if was at all possible to have the script edited to only draw the regular divergence when 1 or both points are above 70 or below 30.
This would be great

Hello, it is possible to do this strategy by setting a % take profit and stop loss. Also if it is possible to put the code to do backtest with the Tradingview simulator. Thank you!
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