Relative Volume Screener Alerts

This script will screen 12 different stocks and current chart (13 in total) for entry points from my relative volume indicator.
1. Enter in any ticker ID's from charts you wish to scan in the settings.
2. Go to desired timeframe.
3. Click add alert button at top toolbar.
4. Select RVOL Screener Alerts indicator, input alert notification settings and/or change alert name and click create.
The script will then scan the stocks and alert you of any entry points from the timeframe you set the alerts.
A new alert needs to be created for each timeframe you wish to screen.

You can find my relative volume indicator here:
發布通知: Added LSMA 6 and LSMA 21 breakouts to alerts. These can be turned off in settings.




Hi Veryfid, what is the alert command to display which ticker got triggered. Thank you.
veryfid Pancake80
@Pancake80, Hi, It will automatically tell which ticker got triggered in the message.