multiple orders - strategy - educational


Here is a 'template', using array's, for multiple orders and different SL/TP levels per trade (This is an example with max 5 open trades)

The 'switch' makes sure that the first available position will be used,
for example, when 'L1' is closed in the past, and a buy condition is triggered, position 'L1' will be filled,
should it be that 'L1', 'L2', 'L3' are already filled, then position 'L4' will be filled, ...

An extra table is added with data of the trades
Be aware, the 'Buy and Hold' resembles the profit when 100% of the available equity has been bought at the time of the very first trade and sold now. On the other hand, the positions work with a % of equity, 20% per trade (5 x 20 = 100%)

You can see that every trade exits on its own terms, without interference of other trades

Important, this technique only works if in the strategy() function:
- close_entries_rule -> set at 'ANY'
- pyramiding is set at max amount of trades or higher (in this case 5 or higher)


- We cannot control our emotions,
but we can control our keyboard -

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