Volume HeatMap With Profile [ChartPrime]

The Volume Heatmap with Profile indicator is a tool designed to provide traders with a comprehensive view of market activity through customizable visualizations. This indicator goes beyond traditional volume analysis by offering a range of adjustable parameters and features that enhance analysis of volume and give a cleaner experience when analyzing it.

To get started click the start and end time for the profile.

Key Features:

Extended Calculation: This indicator extends its calculation to the last bar, ensuring that the user has insights into current market dynamics.

Point of Control (POC): Easily identify the price level at which the highest trading activity has occurred, helping the user pinpoint potential reversal points and significant support/resistance zones.

VWAP Point of Control: Display the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Point of Control, giving the user a clear reference for determining the average price traders are paying and potential price reversals.

Adjustable Colors for Heatmap: Change the heatmap colors to the users preference, allowing the user to match the indicator's appearance to their chart style and personal visual preferences.

Forecasted Zone: This feature allows traders to forecast areas of high activity by providing the option to adjust colors within this zone. This feature assists in identifying potential breakouts or areas where increased trading volume is anticipated.

Volume Profile: Customize the colors of the volume profile to make it distinct and easily distinguishable on the chart.

Adjustable Volume Levels: Specify the number volume levels that are most relevant to your trading strategy.

Adjustable Placement for Volume Profile: Position the volume profile on the chart. Whether the user prefers it on the left, right, or at the center of the chart, this indicator offers placement flexibility.

The ratio of bull vs bear volume is plotted on the outside of the range indicating how bullish or bearish price action is in a given range.


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