Before I begin I want to mention:
1. This is an indicator specially made for NNFX traders who use the ATR rule of ATR1x for Take Profit and ATR1.5x for Stop Loss
2. It is a product of combining the in-built ATR and Dillon Grech's ATR (

The indicator:
1. It can be used for a quick look using the lines to see instead of calculating whether price hit a TP or SL. However I have kept the Main ATR for those who want to record the ATR into the spreadsheet when back testing or forward testing
2. When placing a buy/long order, TP is blue and appears above price, SL is red and appears below price
3. When placing a sell/short order, TP is blue and appears below price, SL is red and appears above price
4. The Main ATR, which is yellow, is way below price because I didn't want the chart to be overwhelmed by a 5th line in the middle of 2 TPs and SLs aka make the chart look claustrophobic

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