Industry SRS-ARS Strength

This script show the Relative strength of the script vs selected Industry.

Simply us the Compare Index drop down list to select the Industry you want to compare your symbol with and it will plot a line chart.

The index of the industries have been created based on the highest to lowest Market Cap of the first 10 companies from that industry.

You also have option to choose Static RS period and Adaptive RS date.

####Please note that some industry index may not show a full length back data and the reason may be some companies from that Index may have been listed recently.

I Do it this way.
Step 1 : Check the custom industry index outperformance to the benchmark
Step 2 : Search the companies from that industry. is a useful site for this search.
Step 3: Plot this indicator on TradingView and compare the performance of the stock to is industry Index.

This way you can find the best sector/industry outperforming the benchmarck index and then you can short list the outperforming companies from that industry.