Ebb N Flo Trend [Signals]

Ebb n Flo Trend is a trend indicator that makes use of higher time frame High - Low pivots to determine when a trend has changed

In order to reduce over trading, and to reduce fake outs, the script relies on a clever combination of Fib ratio expansions and an averaged candle close

By combining the above strategies, the trend indicator forms a trailing trend indicator

The script determines when the current market condition has crossed over or under the trailing trend, and based on the closing conditions will change the trend of the script signaling a change. If the trend indicator is below the current market and green, the trend is bullish . If the trend is above the market and red, the trend is bearish

The indicator does not repaint, as such, once a signal has been received, the condition has been met on a previous candle and is final

Trend indicator can be used on any markets, for both Long and Short swings, however is best suited for long term trading on certain crypto markets (based on backtesting results). Be on the lookout for pairs with decent volume on reputable exchanges. It is not a holy grail type script for all markets. The key is to find enough to diversify your trades.

As can be seen in the backtester results, the script performs exceptionally well when trading using the 1W higher time frame (selection in the script settings), in the 1D current time frame (selecting the chart time frame)

The script is ideal for the beginner trader that cannot spend hours everyday looking at charts.

The backtesting results are based on allocating 10% of your portfolio to a single trade - this should be determined by your risk appetite.

There are risks associated with any form of investing. Never invest more than you are willing to lose. Past performance is not a guarantee or predictor of future performance. Do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions.

The dropdown in the script selects the time frame for Highs and Lows that the script must consider, and the chart time frame is the time frame of which closing conditions the script should use

The indicator comes with 2 off alerts: open_LONG and open_SHORT, which in itself is self explanatory, however, due to the slow trading nature of the script, alerts are generally not needed

Once you receive access to the trial version, you will also receive a link to a video that will show you exactly how to set up the script

Happy trading


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