To use this script which focusses on vol on the given equity/commodity/price pair its focussed on at its core methodology. We use ES1 here as an example on how this indicator can be used. This indicator is mainly for ES/NQ and its constituents (except consumer staples, energy etc) which lack the same correlations.
Note the red lines indicate where buy signals occurred an example listed below. Note the best timeframes to use this indicator include (intraday - 1d trades) 30min, 1hr and Daily for multi day trades.

This is distilled into a simple method where you can use this indicator to gauge a potential buy or sell signal. The red shows a sell signal and a green which is a buy i.e. when the blue line short term signal (blue line) has a major divergence vs the mid and long term then this is typically a sell signal. This is shown in the chart above.

The green lines indicate where buy signals occurred with an example listed below.
The same goes for the reverse where the short term signal (blue line) is higher then we have a view of a potential buy signal.
Once again when the VVS (Short term signal) is flattened out then we have a slowing done in the movement of price action and a reversion has the potential to occur.

Once again there are times where the signal will not work, as with every indicator, model etc nothing hits 100% and I doubt there ever will be such an indicator to exist. As with everything please manage your risk.
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