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The idea is to catch pre market information (or other relevant data), that basically consists of a single number, in a table instead of using a plot that takes up space in the chart. In this example, I added pre market volume and pre market change in %. Where the second one is as well available in the details tab of the stock, it is not available if this tab is closed or during replays.
發布通知: Added extended highs, lows and change since those levels as per user request. All items are now optional to meet specific needs. Please note that volume is pre market only, were high/low levels are based on the full extended session, including yesterday's after market and today's pre market data.
發布通知: Following modifications / updates:
- Removed fix cell width so that table width now adjusts automatically to text it contains
- Updated from PineScript v4 to v5
- Removed roundn() function with builtin math.round()

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