Support-Resistance breakout

Strategy based on longing resistance breakout and shorting support breakout.
It defines highs and lows using fractal with 2 bars for confirming high/lows. So it has 2 bars lag.
It calculates the difference between sma with defined length (21 by default) of highs and of lows and uses it as alt SR level. This idea I took from synapticEx's indicator Nebula-Advanced-Dynamic-Support-Resistance.
Position enter is the breakout of SR, defined by fractals.
Position exit is: bar change in opposite to position direction > difference is sma of highs and of lows.
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Best strategy I've seen on TV, ever! Professional technique.
what can i add to create and alert for this ?

thanks in advance
This doesnt seem to want to plug into ToS. Any reason you could think of?
how to this statergy use on graph ...plz reply me whats app no 9922330960
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