ADX by cobra

adx by cobra
從常用腳本中移除 Add to favorite indicators
study("ADX and DI")
len = input(title="Length", type=integer, defval=3)
len1 = input(title="Length1", type=integer, defval=1)
th = input(title="threshold", type=integer, defval=20)

TrueRange = max(max(high-low, abs(high-nz(close[1]))), abs(low-nz(close[1])))
DirectionalMovementPlus = high-nz(high[1]) > nz(low[1])-low ? max(high-nz(high[1]), 0): 0
DirectionalMovementMinus = nz(low[1])-low > high-nz(high[1]) ? max(nz(low[1])-low, 0): 0

SmoothedTrueRange = nz(SmoothedTrueRange[1]) - (nz(SmoothedTrueRange[1])/len) + TrueRange
SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus = nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus[1]) - (nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus[1])/len) + DirectionalMovementPlus
SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus = nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus[1]) - (nz(SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus[1])/len) + DirectionalMovementMinus

DIPlus = SmoothedDirectionalMovementPlus / SmoothedTrueRange * 100
DIMinus = SmoothedDirectionalMovementMinus / SmoothedTrueRange * 100
DX = abs(DIPlus-DIMinus) / (DIPlus+DIMinus)*100
ADX = sma(DX, len)
crosscall = (DIPlus > DIMinus)
crossput = (DIMinus > DIPlus)
DIPcross = sma(crosscall, len1)
DIPput = sma(crossput, len1)
DIPOVB = (DIPlus > 60)
DIMOVS = (DIMinus > 60)

bgcolor(DIMOVS ? lime : na, transp=40)
bgcolor(DIPOVB ? orange : na, transp=20)
plot(DIPlus, color=green, linewidth=3, title="DI+")
plot(DIMinus, color=red, linewidth=3, title="DI-")
plot(ADX, color=white, linewidth=1, title="ADX")
hline(th, color=white, linewidth=1, linestyle=dashed)
bgcolor(DIPcross ? green : na, transp=60)
bgcolor(DIPput ? red : na, transp=60)


How can I use this script ? thanks
+25 回覆
what do the yellow areas mean?
+9 回覆
how to put adx cobra in trading view ? I was search adx cobra but I dont find ? I'm waiting thanks
+8 回覆
binarytrader666 MikaelHarts
@MikaelHarts, just copy it to your pine script and save
+5 回覆
Hello! Possible to talk with You outside of this website?
+4 回覆
+1 回覆
Hello! Excuse me, but I don't know what is a Pine script and how to do it and in what order to copy the text. After all, both letters with the text came at one time. Please help to understand!
+1 回覆
@kss5, you can see pine script editor on the bottom of page where you looking at chart. i sent you 2 pages because of limit in chat. you must copy both to pine script, save it and apply to chart. if you still dont understand, you should look to faq.
+1 回覆
Where to find it?
+1 回覆
Sorry, but I don't know how to add it to your favorites. If You mean the bookmark, it isn't. I need the installation file in the format "EX4"
+1 回覆
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