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The volume indicator

what can replace the built-in volume indicator and It also has some useful features.
and designed to work as overlay in the same pane with open-source [. srb suite] indicator by default.

  • Regular volume Indicator
  • Volume SMA plot
  • Large Volume ! emphasize by color & mark.
  • Ultra Volume ! overlay marking ; x2 x4 x6 lager than regular average volume . it will help you can take the reversal

BTC-agg. Volume

  • 4 BTC-spot & 4 BTC-PERP volume aggregated.
  • It might helps you don't miss out on important volume flows.
  • Weighted to spot trading volume when using PERP+spot volume .
  • If enabled, BTC-agg.Vol automatically applied when selecting BTC-pair.

    Information panel (optimized for crypto-currency)

  • BTC-PERP price & delta (when Binance:BTCUSDT selected)
  • BTC dominance, Binance:BTCUSDTPERP OI
  • Symbol, Price, Daily up/down
  • ATR14 (for checking current volatility )

    Recommended setup for . srb suite

    • tradingview | chart setting > Appearance > Top margin 0%, Bottom margin 0% for optimized screen usage
    • tradingview | chart setting > Appearance > Right margin 57
    • . srb suite vol & info --> Visual Order > Bring to Front
    • . srb suite vol & info --> Pin to scale > No scale (Full-screen)
發布通知: update, bugfix

1. info.panel renewal GUI
2. auto PERP delta display ; Binance:Crypto spot selected --> spot-PERP delta display
3. only Crypto selected, BTC.D/OI displayed
4. BTC agg.volume bugfix
5. RSI14 display
6. Ultra volume color-tuned
發布通知: update
- info.panel renewal
發布通知: info.panel tuned

發布通知: update info.panel logic
發布通知: update
  • info.panel : renewal basis display
  • info.panel : rsi14 color-marking improved
  • agg.vol : several pairs added

發布通知: bugfix : info.panel, when not available PERP pair
發布通知: bugfix again
發布通知: correction : info.panel display words.
Definition of notation words in the panel
info.panel : basis = USDT perp - USDT spot
info.panel : simple difference = BUSD perp - USDT spot
- It cannot be regarded as a basis because the currency units are different.
- However, (simple difference value) It's useful when looking at the USDT spot chart & trading BUSD perp.
發布通知: Update : BTC & ETH aggr.vol, Improved Ultravol, etc.

Aggregated Volume
- BTC-pair & ETH-pair support (auto-detect according to current selected symbol.)
- calc ; spot only, spot+perp, perp only
- instantly on/off

- Aggr.vol display with (spot / spot+perp / perp status)

Ultra Volume Spike
- Candle colorize feature added
- Candle Vertical-Ray (Wide/Focus) on/off indivisually
- Motemtum, Caution Marking added
- 2 types Analytics style added

Analytics - Regular

Analytics - Wide : Focus
發布通知: in code, comment section update

BTC, ETH-pair list which is currently used in Aggr. Vol calc.
BTC spot


BTC perp

ETH spot


ETH perp

發布通知: urgent update

- aggr.vol pre-define ratio menu
- display update in info.panel
- Aggr.vol calc code optimized
發布通知: correction : mistake. wrong previous update.
發布通知: bugfix : 'spot:perp ratio' calc code is fixed.
發布通知: update

- Info.panel : Force Volume only mode added (to compare appr.vol type)
- Info.panel : steamlined box-sized added
- aggr.vol : removed 20:1 option
發布通知: last update date wrote.
發布通知: screenshot correction
發布通知: correction : wrong default option settings.
發布通知: Change Default setting

I think it's not the regular for most people, so...
* Colorize Candle feature on --> off (Default settings)
發布通知: update

  • Some menu added ; To use several '.srb suite vol & info' indicator for comparing in separated pane.
  • removed regular volume MA line (if you need, use built-in one)
  • 2 criteria MA line added (Wide, Focus MA which is using to calc 'ultravol!')
  • Default settings wide/focus changed to 610,55
  • style section list order re-arranged.
發布通知: several minor bugfix, tuned...
發布通知: some bugfix & info.panel re-designed.
發布通知: update ; ultra vol setting menu = several options added
發布通知: update

1. ultra vol! visibility improved.
2. using indivisual color set for wide/focus
3. feature added for using separated several vol. indicator to compare (ex. perp vs spot)
4. rsi14 displayed (experimental , to be improved on next update)
發布通知: bugfix : correction volume color wrong define.
發布通知: correction : color changed for visibility
發布通知: update : screen shot
發布通知: final release

feature & performance tuned on a practical Perspective
- several aggr.vol pair removed ; now = spot 5 + perp 5
- Removed uncertain volume-signal marking ; rather to confuse (not enough study)
- Removed experimental rsi14 numbering ; messing up the screen (not enough study)
- low contrast default setting changed to

I strive to create a reliable daily tool that is used every day by professional traders.

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