Parabolic Glitter

This indicator overlays a series of Parabolic Stop And Reverses (SARs) to continuously illustrate trends as they form in addition to a range of good possible levels at which to place stop orders.

The Initial Start argument gives the minimum value for the SAR function's "Start" argument. The Increment/Start Ratio argument gives the ratio of the SAR function's "Increment" and "Start" arguments (i.e. SAR default is Start = 0.02, Increment = 0.02, therefore Increment/Start Ratio = 1). The same logic applies to the Max/Start Ratio Argument (i.e. SAR default is Start = 0.02, Max = 0.2, therefore Max/Start Ratio = 10).

The Adaptive Coloring argument determines whether the plotting points are red in downtrends and green in uptrends, or if all the plotted points are given the same color (defaults to silver ).


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